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Changing the World

September 17, 2009

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  But these photos are worth a million. These images have changed the world one way or another.   They show us the true human condition, and paint a revealing portrait of mankind.

Normandy Landing

D- Day

Omaha Beach


May 10, 1933. Berlin. Nazis burning books.


“From 1936 to 1939 Robert Capa photographed the horrors the Spanish Civil War. In 1936, he became known across the globe for a photo he took on the Cordoba Front of a Loyalist Militiaman who had just been shot and was in the act of falling to his death. Because of his proximity to the victim and the timing of the capture, there was a long controversy about the authenticity of this photograph. Historians eventually succeeded in identifying the dead soldier as Federico Borrell García and proved it authentic. This is the best-known picture of the Spanish civil war.”– from


May 21, 1927. Charles Lindbergh lands in Paris after crossing the Atlantic.

Segregated Water Fountains

Segregated Water. The Southern United States.

South Pole

On January 18, 1912, Captain Robert Scott arrived at the South Pole hoping to be the first there only to find that the Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen had arrived 35 days earlier.


Soviet troops raising the flag over the Reichstag. Marking the Soviet Victory against the Nazis.

Notice the two watches on the soldier at the bottom right, proof that Russian soldiers had been looting.

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