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Police and Thieves

September 23, 2009

Anthems of the Brotherhood.

Ol’ dawg what a way yuh look good, , Ya mon, listening to dat reggae music. Jamaica is usually known for Bob Marley, Red Stripe, and Rastafarian Marijuanism, but besides those wonderful things it is also a place of wonder. A place fraught with its own culture. Jamaican music is one of the best in the world, it can change moods and enhance experiences. Just dont choke on that bong hit your taking.  The   following  song was recorded in 1976 by  the reggae singer Junior Murvin . The song was written by  Murvin and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Who is the greatest Jamaican producer of all time. This song gives ua a glimpse of the crime in Jamaica and Jamaicans attitude towards it. This song was also recorded by punk-reggae rockers  The  Clash, who need no introduction. It was included in their groundbreaking debut album.

Sinsemilla is optional, but  always recommended.

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