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The Brotherhood pt. IV

October 20, 2009

Thieves are all around us, pickpockets, shoplifters, kleptomaniacs. Thieves of hearts, of ideas, of freedom.


Pancho Villa and Emiliana Zapata.

This photo was taken after Villa and Zapata decided to invade Mexico City together in 1914, the interim present threw a banquet for them where this photo was taken. Villa joked that they would take turns sitting on the presidential throne but Zapata claimed that that chair would be burned to end with all ambitions.


Herarlded by Forbes as the seventh richest man in the world (1989) Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was the most powerful druglord to ever live. He is responsible for the cocaine boom in the 1980’s. A man of great wealth and power, Pablo Escobar was both ruthless as he was charitable. He could murder a man for lying but could also build a school for a poor town within a week. He was The Man in Colombia, owning the city of Medellin, and owning the hearts of its citizens. Pablo Escobar was so rich that when sentenced to jail, he built his own prison. Pablo Escobar was gunned down on the rooftops of Medellin in 1993, he was 44 years old.


Mao Zedong taking a swim with his cabinet. The infamous Chinese leader was a revolutionary, a poet, a political theorist and a thief of people’s freedom. His socio-political programs caused great distress in China during his leadership. His policies and political purges from 1949-1975 are widely believed to have caused the deaths of between 40 to 60 million people.


The Spetznaz, the Special Forces of the Russian Army in training. The Brotherhood has embraced such training exercises such as axe-throwing-while-backflipping technique as seen in the photograph above.

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