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Tools of the Trade pt. III

October 26, 2009

There is no school like the oldschool.

That has been said again and again throughout the years, and in honor of the oldschool, The Brotherhood has compiled a showcase of tools from the days of old. Times when trains carried money and cowboys carried Colts. Times when it took a minute to load your guns and you had to make each shot count. Times where there were no security cameras and no police cruisers. A time when being a thief was being free, and being free meant being rich and robbing trains.

Old School Guns

Old School flint lock guns, used in the 18th and 19th century. A favorite among pirates, smugglers, and gentlemen in feuds.


The Apache Revolver opened

Apache Revolver closed

The Apache Revolver is the Swiss Army knife of guns. Designed in the  early 1900’s by the french gang Les Apaches this weapon was easily concealed and  it is said that one bullet would always be left out of the chamber so as to not shoot yourself while it was in your pocket. Its range was very limited due to its lack of a barrel but it was an effective tool due to everything it could do, this weapon could shoot, cut and hit and could be easily folded up and placed in your pocket. Sheer Genius.

Colt 3rd model

Samuel Colt revolutionized weaponry when he introduced his first Colt, and popularized revolvers to unworldly standards. This handgun is the Colt 3rd Model, so the kinks had been worked out by the time it was released. It could be loaded easily and its range was  very effective. Nowadays Colts are still being made with little or no alteration to the original design. This gun was a favorite among thieves of the Old West.


Straight edge

Commonly used to shave ones face, this Straight Razor was commonly used for criminal activity by those in dire circumstances. Sold over the counter and at discount prices this blade is the cheapest weapon one could buy back in the day.

Photo by A. Warhol

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    July 1, 2010 11:33 am

    man mail me if u have them i need them

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