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Tools of the Trade pt. IV, Back to Basics

November 3, 2009

Tools of the Trade can be expensive, they can be easily concealed, they can be bought at high-tech spy stores, Gun Shops, online, in Chinatown, everywhere and anywhere. But there is something to be said about keeping things simple, less is more right?  And More is money. So without further a due I Present the BASICS.


Brass Knuckles, or knuckles, knucks, brass knucks, or my favorite, Knuckles dusters are weapons used in hand-to-hand combat, and can really pack a punch, literally. They result in deep tissue damage, broken bones/jaws and bloody hands.


Found in most hardware stores, Home Depots and General Stores, the crowbar has somehow become the defining tool for Car Theft. Although used in many situation such as opening doors, gates, breaking windows, opening cheap safes and hitting people over the head, it has been linked to car theft the most. This is an essential tool in any thief’s arsenal. And can be easily replaced if forced to be left behind.


Gloves need no introduction. A fingerprint in a hot crime scene can put you away for life. Always remember to glove up.


A favorite among amateur thieves and a alley way local, the switchblade has for decades been a basic tool for any thief, pickpocket and hoodlum. Small enough to be concealed and sharp enough to intimidate.


Some thieves can never stop stealing, and this tool is evidence of it. A popular instrument in jails and prisons the shiv is easily concealed and can be made from household, or “prisonhold” items.

baseball bats

Last but definitely not least, we have my personal favorite the Baseball bat. A staple in every boys closet, locker or garage this wooden tool has been used by many. Thieves, mafiosos, gang-members and The Warriors . Used to break windows, bones and anything else you could possibly think of.

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